Author Topic: ThemePark lets you give your Mac OS X computer a style of its own.  (Read 1983 times)

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ThemePark lets you give your Mac OS X computer a style of its own.

Version 3.1 has been released! ThemePark is free and Universal!
Down with Aqua! ThemePark lets you give your computer a style of its own.

Use ThemePark to create or modify the way Mac OS X looks, as well as to change the appearance of individual applications. Just draw titlebars, buttons, and other widgets in the graphics editor of your choice, and move them into ThemePark to create a new theme or modify an existing one. Also use ThemePark to create icon sets that can change every icon on your system, even common document icons.

With ThemePark, you can:

    * Create guiKits for use with Unsanity's ShapeShifter;
    * Create new themes or icon sets using your own graphics;
    * Merge your theme with an existing one to use it as a base or to make small tweaks to someone else's theme;
    * Quickly preview your theme while you're constructing it;
    * Easily find the element you're looking for using ThemePark's smart organization, filtering, and inline hints;
    * Save in-progress themes and easily see which areas you've already modified;
    * Edit resource files found inside of many applications;


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