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Desktop Manager is a easy to use virtual desktop manager for OS X 10.3

About Desktop Manager

Desktop Manager is my own pet project to implement a (hopefully) easy to use virtual desktop manager for OS X. I've put it up here in the hope that it will be useful to others. Simply run the app and a pager should appear in the status bar and on the desktop.

The 0.5.3 release is the most stable release and is recommended for new users. It is Tiger-compatible but no further development will be done on this branch. If you are willing to try incomplete code, you can try the latest developer build. This comes from the code which will form 0.6 but is not yet feature-complete and there may be bugs.

    * Have any number of named virtual 'screens' (up to available memory) to arrange your programs on. Have one screen to keep your mail programs, one for web-browsing, one for work. The possibilities are almost endless.
    * Exciting switch transitions to make all your Windows/Linux using friends green with envy.
    * Control switching via fully configurable 'hotkeys'.
    * Get an instant overview of your desktops via a status-bar based 'pager'.
    * Move windows around in desktops via a desktop-based 'pager'.
    * Desktop pager compatible with CodeTek VirtualDesktop skins.
    * Move windows between desktops easily via status-bar menu or Exposé-like 'Operations Menu'.
    * Sticky window support - have one window on all desktops.
    * Active edge support - switch desktop when the mouse moves past the edge of the screen.
    * Desktop notification bezel - pops up on desktop switch to help you orient yourself.
    * Current desktop name available on desktop background to help you keep track.
    * Small, unobtrusive app - can be made to be totally invisible if you want. Designed to get out of your way and act like a part of the OS.

Important note
This software is alpha quality. Use at your own risk. It has only been tested with OS X version 10.3 (Panther). On other versions your milage may vary.


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