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RSS Bandit is a free application that allows you to read news feeds and Podcasts


This is the homepage of RSS Bandit: an RSS/Atom aggregator (also known as an RSS Reader) for your desktop written with the .NET Framework.

Feature List

    * RSS Bandit now translated to the following languages; English, French, German, Russian, Traditional Chinese, Brazilian Portuguese, Japanese, Italian, Spanish, Serbian and Polish. If the language configured on your machine is one of these then all text should appear in your target language (see also Supported Language Matrix).

    * Atom 1.0 Support, all the various RSS feed formats

    * Users can specify a public NNTP server such as and subscribe to newsgroups on that server. Users can also respond to newsgroup posts as well as create new posts. Permalinks in a newsgroup post point to the post on Google Groups.

    * Users can synchronize the state of their subscribed feeds (read/unread posts, new/deleted feeds, etc) between RSS Bandit and their account on Newsgator Online. This allows the best of both worlds where one can use both a rich desktop client (RSS Bandit) and a web-based RSS reader (Newsgator Online) without having to worry about marking things as read in both places.

    * Instances of RSS Bandit can be synchronized using WebDAV, FTP or a file share. The data is transfered in a ZIP file containing information about the current state of search folders, flagged items, replied items, subscribed feeds and read/unread messages. This is extremely useful for people who use RSS Bandit on different computers like from home and work or from school and home.

    * Support for creating nested categories of feeds. (SCREENSHOT)

    * Ability to configure how long news items are displayed, independent of when they appeared in a subscribed feed. This is particularly useful when subscribed to news sites that change all the items in their feed on a daily basis. One could then configure RSS Bandit to hold on to news items for a week, a month, a year or more even though those items only appeared in the feed for a single day. (SCREENSHOT)

    * Single-click automatic discovery of RSS feeds for a particular website using Mark Pilgrim's Ultra-liberal RSS autodiscovery algorithm. (SCREENSHOT #1, SCREENSHOT #2)

    * Ability to post comments to weblogs that support the CommentAPI such as any weblog based on dasBlog or .TEXT

    * Ability to view comments posted in response to news items on sites that support the wfw:commentRss element such as any weblog based on dasBlog or .TEXT. (SCREENSHOT)

    * Support for tabbed browsing using embedded Web browser. (SCREENSHOT)

    * Support for proxy servers.

    * Uses GZip encoding and HTTP conditional GET to reduce bandwidth utilized when downloading feeds.

    * Support for password protected feeds using SSL & HTTP Authentication.

    * Look of news items displayed in the feed pane can be customized using XSLT. (SCREENSHOT #1, SCREENSHOT #2, SCREENSHOT #3)

    * Integrated toolbar for searching Google, Feedster and MSN. (SCREENSHOT).

    * Ability to flag items for followup.

    * Ability to track related news items and displaying them in a threaded view akin to a mail or news reader.

    * Creates a hierarchy of "Virtual Feeds" containing information about errors encountered while downloading RSS feeds, comments posted to weblogs from RSS Bandit and items flagged for follow up.

    * Automatic updating of feed location when an HTTP 301 (Moved Permanently) sent by the web server.

    * Ability to drag links into RSS Bandit's tree view to subscribe to a feed. Comes in handy, since one can drag & drop the popular white-on-orange XML buttons directly into RSS Bandit to subscribe to a website's RSS feed.

    * The ability to upload blogroll to your dasBlog weblog.
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