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SpeedSim is an OGame ( combat simulator for Windows Systems.

SpeedSim is an OGame ( combat simulator. It has lots of additional features like BestWorst-Case calculation, multiple simulations, it also supports skinning and other useful things. This is also the project page of QtSim (a SpeedSim for Linux)


Question: Does SpeedSim work under Windows Vista?
Answer: Yes, it does. And it seems to work fine. But if you find any bug, you can report it on the forum.

Question: Is there a Linux/Mac version of SpeedSim available?
Answer: Well, the answer could be yes, since there is an online version of SpeedSim available (SpeedSim Online), but we have also a some kind of experimental Qt version of SpeedSim availble on Although you have to compile it by yourself (howto is included) most things are working pretty fine already. Just try it!

Question: What language is SpeedSim written in?
Answer: C++, source code can be downloaded from the download page.

Question: Why does SpeedSim display more Cargos for theoretic plunder then I calculated?
Answer: Because OGame uses a very special algorithm to calculate how many resources you get after a successful attack and SpeedSim is also using this algorithm. More information can be obtained here: Link 1, Link 2 and there: Link 3

Question: How can I change the default ship for plunder calculation?
Answer: Go to extended options (F4, or File->Extended Options) and then the Tab "OGame". There you can change the default displayed cargo. Or alternatively, move the mouse over the theoretic plunder and then you'll see the most common ships used for plundering.

Question: How can I deactivate the Update-Message?
Answer: Go to the update window (button on the buttom left of the SpeedSim window) and uncheck there "Check for updates daily".


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