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Astroseries RTS game WAS a Real Time Strategy videogame for Windows.

Astroseries RTS

Released in May 2004, The original Astroseries game was a Real Time Strategy videogame, and it was created with Stratagus, an open source software that allows the creation of this type of games. Granted, graphics and animations are not up to date, but the gameplay is still worth a try.

Astroseries RTS (7.7 MB)

To play, just unzip to a folder of your choice, and run stratagus.exe

Known problems:

    * The game every now and then presents some glitches that damage the save game files. To correct this situation, just use some of the built-in cheats. Sorry about this glitch, it is not our fault, but the fault of the back-then Stratagus version on which this game runs on.

    * Sometimes sounds goes mute. Again, a glitch of Stratagus.


Q: Does the game have a glitch that can endanger my computer?
A: No. But just like with any software, use at your own risk.

Q: Why not update the game to a newer Stratagus or other software?
A: Right now Astroseries is heading in a different direction, and there is no time available to upgrade this game for now.

Q: Why the bad graphics?
A: Back then we weren't really familiar with tools such as Gimp, Bryce, or even Flash, meaning we had to resort to least modern software. Also, the Stratagus version upon which this game is based had some color palette issues that didn't help either.
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