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Super calculator Advanced Expression Calculator for Windows
« on: January 16, 2007, 11:59:03 AM »
Super calculator Advanced Expression Calculator for Windows

Super calculator is much better than normal calculator you used before, because

   1. Calculations are text editable, you can input and modify calculations easily.
   2. Much more calculating formulas
   3. Calculations can be saved as files and reused later.

Keywords of super calculator are very powerful, which contain

   1. Symbols
      +, -, *, / etc
   2. Constants
      pi, e, infinite value
   3. Normal functions
      such as sin, cos, sumn, max, xor, lsh, upto 36 functions
   4. Point functions
      such as determinant for determinant value of a matrix and angleofvectors for angle between two arrows.
   5. Input keywords
      define any thing for easy use.
   6. Output keywords
      format outputs (results) in required styles

The most important features of super calculator are :

   1. multiple sentences
   2. named variables

The software presents "logic system" for special calculations.
And more, please reference its online help for details.

Following is main interface of the software.   

Picture above is an example about calculating area of a triangle,
which vertexes are (0,0), (10,10) and (8,15).

Top window shows arithmetical expression with five sentences.

    Each line is a sentence - which ends with a semicolon ";"
    disp0p1, disp0p2 etc are variables (at left side of "="), which can be used by following sentences
    (red texts are functions)

    First sentence calculates the distance of one edge of the triangle
    Second sentence calculates the distance of another edge
    Third sentence calculates the angle between these two edges
    Fourth sentence calculates the height of the triangle
    Last sentence calculates the area of the triangle

Bottom window shows results of five sentences in top window.

Can you calculate the example with your current calculators?


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