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Quote is a partnership among academic institutions, technology industry leaders, and volunteers, all of whom are committed to protecting Internet and computer users from the threats to privacy and security that are caused by bad software. We are a leading independent authority on trends in badware and its distribution, and a focal point for the development of collaborative, community-minded approaches to stopping badware. We invite you to join our community, to help reduce the impact of badware and to regain control of our computers.

Need help finding information on our site? This is the place to look for some of our most popular content:

    * Badware alerts & reports for software applications that violate our Guidelines.
    * Badware Website Clearinghouse for websites reported by our partners as potentially harmful.
    * Information about badware for tips on preventing and cleaning up infections on your computer.
    * Information for webmasters for help in cleaning & securing your website and removing Google’s warnings.
    * Ways to get involved for simple things you can do to help us fight badware.
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