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XQuartz is an open-source X Window System that runs on Mac OS X!

For Mac OS X 10.5 or later.

Disclaimer ¶

The updates available on this site are not official Apple releases. They are a convenient way for users to stay up to date with progress made in the open source community (in which Apple is participating). Official Apple releases will come from Apple (most likely through OS and Security Updates via Software Update). These updates will likely incorporate many of the changes made in our releases when and if Apple deems them appropriate.

Welcome to the XQuartz project ¶
Intro ¶

The XQuartz project is an open-source effort to develop a version of the X Window System that runs on Mac OS X. Together with supporting libraries and applications, it forms the that Apple has shipped with OS X since version 10.5.
Latest Release ¶
2009.08.14 ¶

X11.pkg version 2.4.0 released
Support ¶

There are three ways to get support for XQuartz.

    * Join us in  #xquartz on the Freenode IRC Network
    * Try our Mailing Lists
    * File a Bug Report

SnowLeopard Notice ¶

1.6 contains version 2.3.4 of X11. Not surprisingly, this version lies between and 2.4.0. It contains all the fixes that went into Xplugin, quartz-wm, and most of the server fixes, but it is still on the 1.4 server branch. Most of the userland libraries were updated to what was shipped in 2.4.0 with a few exceptions.

2.4.0 will not be released for SnowLeopard. 2.4.1 will be the first release that can be installed on SnowLeopard. There will be separate Leopard and SnowLeopard packages for 2.4.1 and later. On SnowLeopard, X11 will no longer install over the system's X11. It will install in its own prefix to allow side-by-side use with the Apple-provided X11.
OS-X Software/Security Updates and XQuartz ¶

OS-X Software Updates have included some of the work done in this project. It is suggested that you install the latest XQuartz release after installing an update to OS-X Leopard.
10.5.7 ¶

10.5.7 updates the X11 server to match what shipped with 2.3.2. Most of the userland, however, only saw security updates. The version reported by X11 in 10.5.7 is 2.1.6 to distinguish it from the 2.3.x series which contains a much newer userland. Users have reported some issues with the updated X11 in 10.5.7:

    * X11 starts fullscreen for some users
          o Hit cmd-opt-a to leave fullscreen and edit your preferences
    * Clipboard doesn't work after editing preferences
          o Install the  localization updates that contain the clipboard preferences
    * Keyboard mapping is sometimes incorrect
          o This only occurs if you installed xquartz 2.2.x and have not installed newer releases. Install the latest release from this site.


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