Author Topic: Death Illustrated is "Deathmatching inside a three dimensional comic book"  (Read 1775 times)

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Death Illustrated is "Deathmatching inside a three dimensional comic book"

Beta, no longer developed since 2004

Thursday March 13, 2008

As you probably already know, development of Death Illustrated was discontinued several years ago and this website has been offline since. There are currently no plans to revive the project and this website is back online only for nostalgic reasons. The site is here in its entirety with the exception of the files section and the forums. At the time of its discontinuation the last official public release was version 0.6

Around this time, version 0.6.5 was ready for public release and packaged with an installer, but never quite made its way to the website for download. Likewise we were hurriedly working on version 0.7 and were very close to a release.

I’ve decided to release both versions 0.6.5 and 0.7 and each of them can be downloaded from this page.

Version 0.7 contains a new LAN server browser, launcher, and chat room as well as some new models. There is no installer for it, and it’s only available as a download in zip format. There is still a known bug in the LAN server launcher but all other components are stable and working well.

So that’s about it for now, enjoy the last couple of releases of Death Illustrated.  So until next time…… (If there IS a next time) ….. Goodbye.


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