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Thunder Brigade is turn-based tactical tank battle game for Windows

Thunder Brigade

Thunder Brigade is turn-based tactical tank battle game.  The player and the computer control a number of tanks, both sides trying to eliminate the other or capture the goal.  The game can be won by either destroying the entire enemy team or holding the center spot for 10 turns.


At the start of the game, you’ll have a chance to adjust the number of tanks on each side.  Your tanks are green and the enemy is blue.

To control your tanks, use the number keys 1-10 to select a tank (selected tanks glow).  When a tank is selected, you can give it comands for the next turn.

KEY            COMMAND
---            -------
1 to 0         Select tank
Arrow keys     Moves or turns the tank.  Miving back is slower than forward (it takes 2 periods).
W              Wait for one period
F              Fire the gun (this takes 2 periods of time)
BACKSPACE      Erase the last action
DELETE or RMB  Erase all actions
SPACE          Start the next turn
LMB            Plot path
F1             Help
R              Restart

After you’ve input all the commands, press SPACE and your tanks will do your bidding.  Of course, your enemy will be maneuvering his tanks at the same time.  Each turn, 4 periods of time pass.  When you need to plot long paths, use the mouse to direct your tank there (click on the spot where you want the selected tank to go).

Try to flank the enemy.  Tanks can’t see behind them and if you can hit them from the side or the back you’ll do much more damage.  Once a tank is too damaged, you might want to send it to the nearest repair station.  Waiting at a repair depot (signified by a shell on the map) repairs 10% of health per period.  Careful, however tanks at the depot are very vulnerable and take greatly increased damage.


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