Author Topic: CrawlTrack is a PHP/MySQL webmaster dashboard with all the traffic info you need  (Read 1424 times)

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CrawlTrack is a Free PHP/MySQL script that is a webmaster dashboard with all the traffic info and Stats you need.

Suggested by snoopy_virtual of

CrawlTrack, your web statistics tool
CrawlTrack is the script you were looking for to manage your site(s).

It's not only a Web Analytics script such as Google analytics, AWstats, phpMyVisites or Piwik, but it's a complete tool. With CrawlTrack you will get informations that all the others are unable to give.
With CrawlTrack you will get a detail view of the crawler activity on your site. Crawlers visits count for more than 85% of hits on ; some are usefull, other far less and even dangerous (30% are hacking attempts on
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