Author Topic: Little Voice Commander is for young toddlers who are just learning to speak  (Read 1600 times)

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Little Voice Commander is for young toddlers who are just learning to speak. For Windows XP or Later

Requires you to get a free Registration Code.
(Santa WOULD Donate to Donation Coder: you get DOZENS of great programs for a one time donation. But Donation is NOT required {or Software Santa would not list it.})

Little Voice Commander is a toy program for young toddlers who are just learning to start to speak.

The program runs full screen (across multiple monitors if present) and listens for a child to speak or press a key.

If the program detects something being spoken, it finds the best match for a word it has photos for, and displays some random photos for that word, as well as the word text. If a key on the keyboard is pressed, a word beginning with the pressed key is displayed, along with some photos for that word. It will also speak the name of the image shown using recorded speech files (in mp3 or wav format).

Over 100 sample images and spoken word files are provided in the installation, but perhaps the best part of the program is how easily users can add their own photos (and speech files). So you can customize it with pictures of mom, dad, sister, brother, dog, cat, house, etc., and with your own voice announceing them. It will scan labeled photos on startup and add those words to its vocabulary.

It uses the microsoft speech recognition engine, which is ok but not ideal. I wouldn't expect to be able to use this to teach any kid how to pronounce words -- it's more to encourage very young kids to babble and give them the experience of having what they speak affect what it shown in a semi-consistent manner. The software may also be used to teach older children how frustrating voice recognition software can be.

I hope people will help by making some additional image packs for the program from royalty free photo sources. Thanks to DC member App103 (and for collecting the initial set of royalty free images, DC member Renegade for providing the initial spoken voice files, and to Stoic Joker for the program name suggestion.

Extra Downloads:
You may need to Download SAPI5 speech runtimes (need on win xp if you get OLE error on startup)


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