Author Topic: Warrior Dragon is a turn-based RPG adventure set in the time of dragons  (Read 1818 times)

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Warrior Dragon is a turn-based RPG adventure set in the time of dragons

Software Santa thanks TheLinker at gameboom for posting this game! A tip of Software Santa's Santa Cap to him!

Warrior Dragon

A turn-based RPG adventure set in the time of the ancient dragons. You must fulfill your father's legacy by battling enemies, finding treasure, and exploring dark caves.

This game is free! Download it now!

Please click here for instructions to this game.


    Microsoft Windows 95 or compatible (98,98SE,2000,ME,XP)
    Microsoft DirectX 6.1 or greater


When run, the game searches for a joystick. If it finds one, you can use it to control the game. Button #1 is used for actions, like talking to people, searching objects, bringing up the main menu, and selecting menu options. Button #2 is used to cancel menus. Any menu which you entered voluntarily can be exited with the cancel button, allowing you to leave the menu without selecting a choice.

Alternative to the joystick, you may use the keyboard. On the keyboard, the arrow keys are used to control the direction of the character and change menu selections, CTRL is used as button #1, and SHIFT is used as button #2. You may also toggle between windowed and full screen mode with alt-enter, skip to another windows program using alt-tab, or quit the game immediately using alt-F4.


Warrior Dragon is a role playing game, set in the time of myths and dragons. You must battle enemies, find treasure and explore dark caves on your way to defeating the notorious Dragon Slayer and saving your proud race.

By battling enemies, you can become stronger. You can earn experience points, or XP, and find gold which may be traded for stronger weapons. If you gain enough XP, you can go up a level, which increases your maximum hit points, attack power, and defense power. The amount of XP you have currently earned is displayed in the left menu, and the amount of XP you need before going up a level is displayed in "status".

Hit points represent the amount of hits you can take before being defeated. You have a certain amount of hit points, as displayed on the left menu, and the enemy has hit points as well, although the amount isn't displayed to you. If your maximum hit points increase, you will be able to sustain more damage. You can get healed at the inn or by drinking potions or elixirs.


The game gives you the ability to save your game anywhere. Take advantage! Save often, and don't just use one adventure log. If you are lost in a cave, do not overwrite your main save game.

The further you travel in the world, the more difficult it is to overcome the enemies. It is a good idea to go up enough levels in a relatively safe zone before entering an unsafe zone. The more unsafe the zone you train in, the less time it takes to go up a level, but the more likely you will be overcome.

For optimal performance, do not run this game while running any other programs.

Release information

This game is released for free. You may not charge money for it under any circumstance without our consent. You also may not distribute this game with any of these files missing or modified: README.TXT, WDRAGON.EXE and WDRAGON.DAT. You may add files, but as this text file declares, these are the only authentic files.


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