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Rescue: The Beagles is a 2D sidescroller for Windows made in 2 weeks

There are some beagles in distress and they are desperately awaiting for your help. So enough with technicalities, here’s the list of additions and improvements:


- gamepad support, for both; hat and analog joystick.
- Placid Flow Bonus - a new type of bonus you earn at the end of each level if you don’t harm anybody on the level. It’s well worth going for as it rewards you with +200% of the total level score.
- bigger HUD option (which is on by default)
- option to mark soon-to-be-lost beagles with flashing red circles, for people who have trouble spotting a beagle
- parachute backpack and rope are now visible on player avatar to indicate the particular resource is available

Presentational and other fluff:

- a new glowy, bubbly logo
- main menu reworked
- story, instructions, enemies and credits screens
- splash screen with illustration by Annabelle Kennedy

The Story

A cargo airplane crashed somewhere above the wast areas of the Amita range. It was carrying a large shipment of beagles headed to the CutLab, a huge animal testing facility.

The Lab is upset about losing its precious testing material and is deploying a biohazard division determined to reclaim its property. They operate under the strict orders: seize the usable specimens, kill the rest.

We’re sending three of our elite animal rights activists to rescue as many dogs as possible before the Lab’s grunts confine them back to the life of endless misery.

The Enemies

LIP BALM RESIDUES - Blobs of wild cherry flavored lip balm formula meant to be tested on beagles. The tank exploded during the crash and the whole area got contaminated with residues. It’s highly toxic and cannot be attacked with owls. Avoid at all costs.

BIOHAZARD DOODZ - They are only interested in “securing the area” and “detecting the leaks” and other childish stuff like that. So 90s! Plus, heavy biohazard suits make them slow and easy target for your owls.

VIVISECTORS - Beagles are their primary concern. They’ll scan about and try to catch the nearest dog. Rinse, repeat, until they can carry no more. Don’t let them escape with the dogs. Owl them out and get the puppies back before they hurt them.

LAB EXECUTIVES - Quite opposite of vivisectors, their main concern is - you. If they spot you they’ll follow you around nagging for signature on some “important” piece of documentation, asap. Riiight! Better feed them adult dose of owl poo-poo before they lay their greasy hands on you.

PRIMARIUSES - Chiefs of various lab departments. They are just a tiny tiny little bit upset about the whole incident.
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