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Adventure is a clone of the classic Atari 2600 game Adventure. OLD and Unsupported!

Note: While adventure is still here for download and I'm still online, I'm not activly working on it, and have no immediate plans to update it. The source is included in the download, so have at it and keep in touch. The more interest it generates, the more likely I am to pick up on it again and enhance it.

The Game

This is a clone of the classic Atari 2600 game Adventure. It has everything the original had (including the easter egg). There are 5 games total:

    Game 1-3 are just like they are in the original Adventure game (complete with Easter Egg!)
    Games 4 and 5 use a new map that I made. It features 5 castles (two of which can only be opened with a hidden master key, and one you can only get to by using the invisible dot to walk through walls), 2 bridges, 4 dragons, and non-symmetrical mazes and catacombs. Game 4 (like Game 2) always begins with objects in the same place. Game 5 randomly places objects. Both Games 4 and 5 have a special easter egg which will imprison the bat, kill all the dragons, and give you the chalice.

Additionally, any game can be customized in two ways:

    New Objects - You can cause two new objects to be placed in the game. The Candle gives you more visibility in catacombs and the Shield keeps you from being killed by Dragons.
    Difficulty - Unlike the difficulty switches on the Atari, this difficult will make the dragons move and attack faster, as well as turn all mazes into catacombs.

NOTE: Adventure does not work on NT3.5 or NT4. It has been tested on Windows 95, 98 and Windows 2000 and it does work. I'm using DirectInput, so you should probably have the latest version of DirectX installed. I have not tested it on Windows XP though others have successfully run it.


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