Author Topic: AfterShocked! is a full-featured post-apocalyptic comedy adventure game  (Read 1529 times)

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AfterShocked! is a full-featured post-apocalyptic comedy adventure game


AfterShocked! is a full-featured post-apocalyptic comedy adventure game in the vein of Monkey Island and other classic adventure titles.  Features include hand-drawn 16-bit color graphics, an original musical score, dozens of characters to interact with, plenty of scenes to visit, lots of puzzles to solve, and a completely warped sense of humor.


The game takes place mainly in a small town, Scabsboro, outside of a big city, Utopaville, in the heart of America.  One day, large missiles from an unknown source rain down all over the world, killing billions.  The only places left in America are Scabsboro and Utopaville, which, in a stroke of luck, missed being hit.  Unfortunately, a large wall around Utopaville is soon raised, preventing Scabsboro's residents from getting in and enjoying the same standard of living.  But city officials aren't heartless jackasses, they have a reason for building the wall: zombies.  Apparently, Scabsboro was close enough to incoming blasts that anyone who happened to be outside for the "fireworks" got their skin ripped off.  Zombie is more of a slang term, as they are not actually dead, just disgusting.  Scabsboro's "norm" residents aren't as afraid of zombies as the city dwellers are, but they still hate them for being, as one resident puts it "mutant eyesores who are probably jerks too... and they smell funny."  But are the zombies really as bad as all that?  And while the norm-zombie conflict is going on, there's evil brewing from across the world.  An eccentric villain from whom, unbeknownst to anyone, the missiles originally came, plots to seek out and destroy any remnants of civilization that might remain.  Why?  Because he's a jackass.  You play as Jimmy, a former high school student who resides in town and spends his days sitting around the house with his two roommates.  One day, a crazy old professor offers him a once in a lifetime opportunity to help save the world, and that's where the story begins...


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