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UltraStar is a PC conversion of the famous karaoke game - Singstar.

UltraStar is a free software and open source clone of the famous SingStar music video game (sometimes also referred to as rhythm video games), licensed under the GNU General Public License. UltraStar allows one to add one's own songs in the forms of MP3 audio format along with a text file, making it relatively easy to add one's own MP3 collection to the game. Videos and pictures can also be added in the form of album covers and backgrounds.

The UltraStar songs consist of plain text file that describes which other files to use (music, video, background image, cover image) and various settings. After the header, the file lists all the notes of the song with their lyrics (beginning beat, duration, pitch, syllable). Unfortunately, there is no complete written documentation for the format, so developers of UltraStar projects just have to look at each-others' source code or reverse engineer the format from the song files floating around the net. This file format is supported by all UltraStar projects.

The UltraStar game comes preloaded with a short sample from Jamelia's hit Superstar (it does not contain the music-video for that song, only a white background is displayed). Any music, lyrics, pictures and videos can be easily added to bring a lot of fun into the lounge room. All that is required is a microphone and the software installed on a computer.

The original UltraStar is programmed in Kylix/Delphi and made for Microsoft Windows operating-system.

Here are some Extra Files you'll want:

And some Songs:

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