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[1] tjger stands for the java game & entertainment runtime and has 20 built in games

[2] Desura is a community driven digital distribution service for gamers - some FREE

[3] Steam is the Original Online Game Platform selling games & a few games are FREE

[4] PySolFC is an extended Mahjong and solitaire card games collection! 1061 Games!

[5] On Sight is a turn based multiplayer game for BeOS and Linux and Windows.

[6] Babala is a logical game with elements of move strategy (for Windows or Linux)

[7] AMIDST lets you map out Minecraft Worlds without actually building them first.

[8] PCGen is a free, open source, advanced RPG character generator (d20 systems).

[9] SRC Repair is for tuning and cleaning up Steam and Source engine games


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