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Album Burger Photograph lets you edit and organize all your digital images!

Welcome to Album Burger Photograph!

Album Burger Photograph © Release 2007b is a free software.  Would you like to sort your photographs?  Add as many pages as you wish to your album?  Add as many albums as you need and each has a category such as:  "Holidays 200...," "Katie's 1st Birthday," or "Mom & Dad's 25th Anniversary, " etc.  This software makes it possible! It is easy to use and it also has sophisticated tools for the intermediate and professional user.   With Album Burger Photograph, you can create as many photograph  albums as you wish and you can add as many pages and photographs to complete your category.  In addition to this, you can classify, identify, comment and classify each album, each page and each photograph.  The tools integrated within this program, make it possible for you to search, view, export, import, publish, create a web site,  send an e-mail, and there are other options  for you to discover.

Album Burger Photograph is a FREE software developped by a team of devoted volunteers.  You can be part of the "Albo Team".  There are no subscriptions or licence  fees.
It's free...

    * Identify the albums,  pages and pictures
      You can name your albums, pages and photographs; write down the date, place and comments to remember the event.
    * Integrate your scanner and your digital camera
      A single click, allows you to  import from a scanner or digital camera.
    * Research Tool
      You don't remember in which album you placed a photogragh?  Album Burger Photograph will always remember!  Use the Research Tool to find it with key words such as: names, dates, places, etc.!
    * Send a photograph  or a page by e-mail
      Send a photograph or an album page to family or friends by e-mail.
    * Generates a Web album gallery of photographs
      You can create a Web site with your photographs without any technological knowledge...
    * Image editor
      Take the flaws out, blur them, turn them, redimension them, have fun!.
    * Full Screen Viewing
      This mode allows you to view full screen, one by one,  your photographs in your album.  It is also possible to view your album  in slide show mode.
    * Album exporting and importing
      Useful for taking a backup or even for sending one or several albums to  family or friends.
    * A library of  background images
      There is a library of background images available for you to choose from and it is also possible for you to add your own background images.
    * Printing
      Printing a photograph or an album page is quite easy. 


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