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PS Cafe is a POS (Point of Sale) designed for a school cafeteria or lunchroom

If you are not a School District with a Web Server and Existing Student Information System this isn't going to be TOO Useful to you ...

System Overview
Project Goal
The goal of PSCafePOS is to create an open-source, free cafeteria
management suite that is as good as or better than commercial products.
PSCafePOS aims to be a stable product, the is community supported.

General Information

PSCafePOS is a free Point of Sale system for educational institutions, released
under GNU General Public License. It connects directly to your school district's
student information system (sis) and pulls student information such as
free/reduced meal status, enrollment status and student credit. The system
supports cash drawers, biometric/barcode/magnetic scanners, touchscreen displays and
numerous operation systems.

Technical Overview
PSCafePOS uses MySql/Postgres for its database back end along with PHP and apache
to make up the majority of the server. It uses the Java runtime for the POS,
which connects to the databases via JDBC or a JDBC-ODBC bridge.

Database transactions are written to MySql/Postgres using transactional processing to
ensure data integrity. The ideal setup for PSCafePOS is the have the server
running on Linux or Unix (recommended), Mac, or Windows and the POS's running on Windows XP.

Hardware Support
POS Hardware
Minimum Requirements
• 128 MB Memory
• 500 MHz Processor
• Windows 2000 +, Mac OS X or Linux/Unix
• ~ 10 MB Free Storage Space
• 10 Base T Network Connection
• 256 MB Memory
• 1 GHz Processor +
• Windows XP

Server Hardware
Minimum Requirements
• 256 MB Memory
• 500 MHz Processor
• Linux
• ~ 10 GB Disk Space (for operating system & data)
• 10 Base T Network Connection
• 2 GB Memory
• 1.5 Ghz Processor
• Fedora Core 5 +
• 100 GB (RAID 5)
• 100 Base T Network Connection

Supported Cash Drawers
APG 100 Series (Model #T554) (Windows XP only)

Supported Touchscreen Monitors
All touchscreen monitors should work that will display at least (1024x768x16), as
long as they act like a mouse.

Supported Barcode Scanners
Any barcode scanner should work as long as it can send a carriage return
character after the barcode is processed.


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