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The Open Source Physics (OSP) project seeks to create and distribute curricular materials.

This is an educators resource web site with lots of nice programs on it!

Open Source Physics

The Open Source Physics (OSP) project seeks to create and distribute curricular material for physics computation and physics education at all levels.

This website contains examples of Open Source Physics Curricular material and demonstrations of how the OSP code library is used.

    * Visit the OSP Developer Website for technical descriptions and source code.
    * Visit the Simulation in Physics Website for information about computational physics and curricular material related to An Introduction to Computer Simulation Methods by Harvey Gould, Jan Tobochnik, and Wolfgang Christian.
    * Ready to use (compiled) Java archive (jar) files can be downloaded from the binary directory on  this website.
    * Source code can also be downloaded from the download directory on  this website.

Description and Motivation

The continued use of procedural languages in education is due, in part, to the lack of up-to-date curricular materials that combine science topics with an object-oriented programming framework. Although there are many resources for teaching computational physics, few are object-oriented. What is needed by the broader science education community is not another computational physics, numerical analysis, or Java programming book (although such books are essential for discipline-specific practitioners), but a synthesis of curriculum development, computational physics, computer science, and physics education that will be useful for scientists and students wishing to write their own simulations and develop their own curricular material. The Open Source Physics (OSP) project was established to meet this need. OSP is an NSF-funded curriculum development project that is developing and distributing a code library, programs, and examples of computer-based interactive curricular material.

You are free to use Open Source Physics source code or compiled programs consistent with the GNU GPL license, but please note that the narratives of books and manuals associated with OSP code are usually copyrighted by their respective authors and/or publishers.  Source code for Open Source Physics programs is available from the OSP Developer website.


The Open Source Physics project is supported in part by the National Science Foundation grants DUE-0126439 and DUE-0442481. These grants have helped us to write books, to provide workshops at professional meetings, and to develop Open Source Physics curricular materials for distribution on the Internet.

Davidson College has supported the Open Source Physics project in many ways, including the hosting of the Open Source Physics Web server. The Open Source Physics project would not be possible without this generous support.
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