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Gnumeric is designed to be the best possible spreadsheet for Windows / Linux

Welcome to Gnumeric!

The Gnumeric spreadsheet is part of the GNOME desktop environment: a project to create a free, user friendly desktop environment.

The goal of Gnumeric is to be the best possible spreadsheet. We are not attempting to clone existing applications. However, Gnumeric can read files saved with other spreadsheets and we offer a customizable feel that attempts to minimize the costs of transition.

Gnumeric is...

    Gnumeric and its source code are available free of charge, licensed under the terms of the GNU General Public License. This makes it easy to audit, and make custom extensions.
    Gnumeric handles large spreadsheets while remaining responsive.
    A spreadsheet should calculate the right answer. Gnumeric's built-in functions and tools are accurate. A recent report praised Gnumeric as more accurate than leading proprietary spreadsheets.


    * Core capabilities
          o Functions
                + 100% of the worksheet functions in MS Excel (tm)
                + 154 functions not found in MS Excel (tm)
                + Basic support for financial derivatives (Black Scholes)
                + Basic support for telecommunication engineering
          o Analytics
                + Advanced Statistical analysis
                + Extensive Random Number generation
                + Linear and Non-linear solvers
          o Computation
                + Inter sheet dependencies
                + 3D dependencies
                + Implicit intersection
                + Implicit iteration
                + Dynamic dependencies
                + User defined names (for ranges and functions)
                + Arrays values and formulas
          o Misc
                + Summary information
                + Cell contents
                + Toolbar for common operations
                + Zoom
                + Multiple Views
                + AutoFilter
                + Goal Seek to determine break-even points
                + Tabulation tools (mail merge for spreadsheets)
                + Monte Carlo simulation tools
                + Hyper Links
                + Validation
                + Protection
          o Sheet objects
                + Lines, Arrows, ellipses, squares
                + Buttons, Scrollbars, Checkboxes
                + Images, Charts
          o Printing
                + Cell contents
                + Style information
                + Per sheet printer setups
                + Print preview
                + Print options
                      # Page orientation
                      # 6 margins + paper size
                      # Headers + footers
                      # Grid lines, comments, headings
                      # Print order
          o Formats
                + All builtin Excel-like formats: number, currency, accounting, date, time, percentage, fraction, scientific, text, special
                + Compatible format description language
          o Styles
                + Borders - outer and inner, colors, diagonals, 13 line types
                + Colors - foreground, background, 18 pattern types
                + Fonts - font name, size, style (bold/italic), color
                + Horizontal alignments - general, left, right, center, fill, justify, center across selection
                + Vertical alignments - top, center, bottom, justify
                + Cell Merging, spanning, and wrapping
          o Charting
                + Pie plots
                + Ring plots
                + Bar/Col plots
          o Autofill
                + Autofill for various sequences is supported
          o Automatic guessing of input
                + Gnumeric will try to parse user entered input as a number with a format applied (so you can enter dates directly, and they will be stored as a number + a format to render it).
    * International
          o Gnumeric has been localized to various languages, and we welcome new contributions. It handles numeric formats properly for various countries and languages.
    * Import filters
          o XML (gnumeric format)
          o MS Excel (tm) 2,3,4,5,95,97,2k,XP
          o Applix (4, 5)
          o HTML (various)
          o CSV (comma separated values)
          o Lotus 1-2-3 .wk1 format
          o GNU oleo (rudimentary)
          o Quattro Pro
          o OpenOffice (sxc, not the older binary format)
    * Export filters
          o XML (gnumeric format)
          o MS Excel (tm) 5,95,97,2k,XP (including dual stream)
          o HTML (3.2, 4, xhtml)
          o LaTeX, Troff
          o PDF, EPS, DVI
          o CSV
    * Batch Processing
          o Translation from one file format to another


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