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Tech Support Alert is your one stop shop for FREE security software for Windows Users!

Software Santa stumbled upon this site and will be copying ALL the recommended programs over here as "Top Picks". (Quite a few of them were already listed here!)

Software Santa unabashedly stands upon the shoulders of giants! He is a Tech support guy himself and he assures you that this "Gizmo" fella REALLY Knows his Stuff! A tip of the Software Santa's cap to him and his hard working staff!

Santa is a "Johnny come Lately" and could mine the other top sites, to bring you the worlds finest free software, forever! There are a LOT of "Editor's Picks" and "Top 100" lists out there to search through and It's just a matter of what he might guess to be MOST Useful to YOU! But HE won't knowingly list anything infected with any kind of Adware or Spyware!

Software Santa has a Mac and can't test out these Windows programs himself: but is very concerned for the usefulness and the safety of those Windows "Presents" he lists. So he relies heavily upon web sites (like this one) that have been around for many years: they already have the best information.

This listing about "Tech Support Alert" is just one more page of Santa's BIG hobby: but he wants ALL of his Windows OS using friends to go to this web site

and read as much as they can as often as they can. He wouldn't be a friend if he kept this resource to himself!

He says "I Subscribe to the Tech Support Alert Newsletter myself!"
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