Author Topic: Luminance HDR aka Qtpfsgui is a complete solution for HDR photography  (Read 3088 times)

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Luminance HDR (aka Qtpfsgui) is a complete solution for HDR photography

Another treasure from Source Forge!

Luminance HDR is an open source graphical user interface application that aims to provide a workflow for HDR imaging.

Supported HDR formats:

    OpenEXR (extension: exr);
    Radiance RGBE (extension: hdr);
    Tiff formats: 16bit, 32bit (float) and LogLuv (extension: tiff);
    Raw image formats (extension: various);
    PFS native format (extension: pfs).

Supported LDR formats

    TIFF (8 bit).

Supported features

    Create an HDR file from a set of images (formats: JPEG, TIFF 8bit and 16bit, RAW) of the same scene taken at different exposure setting;
    Save load HDR images;
    Rotate, resize and crop HDR images;
    Tonemap HDR images;
    Copy exif data between sets of images;
    Supports internationalization.

Luminance HDR is available for Linux, Windows and Mac OS X, see Download above. A wiki space provided by Sourceforge acts a central place for all the documentation. A great deal of discussions and images related to Luminance HDR can be found on flickr.
If you want to contribute translating Luminance HDR for your language here’s an howto that explains the procedure to become a maintainer.

Hi everybody,
The new version of our beloved Qtpfsgui is now very usable and stable.
All the old features are still there, among the new ones we have:

1) Cropping of HDRs
2) Tonemapping of a selected rectangle for a quick preview
3) A new operator (Mantiuk '08)
4) All old operators updated
5) HDR in Tonemapping Window
6) Tonemapping of a previous tonemapped HDR

....some more to find out.

Please give it a try
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