Author Topic: HexEdit is a hexadecimal file editor for the Macintosh from Mac Classic 7 onward  (Read 3649 times)

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HexEdit is a hexadecimal file editor for the Macintosh (from Mac Classic 7 onward)

What is HexEdit?

HexEdit is a hexadecimal file editor for the Macintosh. The most widely used editor of its kind on the platform, HexEdit can handle file sizes of up to four gigabytes with ease, yet has memory requirements of less than a megabyte (with colour turned off). It can also compare files for similarities or differences. At the moment there are 680x0, PowerPC PEF and PowerPC Mach-O builds, but an x86 build will be coming soon.

HexEdit was originally created by Jim Bumgardner, who was kind enough to release the source code. The current developers give a big ‘thank you’ to Jim for his original efforts and a great program.

HexEdit is an open source project hosted on SourceForge and maintained by Lane Roathe. All contributors are listed in the HexEdit about box.

Allows editing of any size file in hexadecimal, decimal and ASCII. A great tool that allows you to edit and analyze the contents for either the data or resource fork of any type of file. 68K, PPC and Carbon run on MacOS 7-9 and X.
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