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Marathon RED is a TC scenario for Marathon Infinity and Aleph One.

What else do you want of me? I've played marathon for aprox. 3 years now and have been designing stuff for it since then...

I am an aspiring artist who is a fan of such artists as Craig Mullins, Micheal Osadciw, and Leonardo da Vince. I plan on majoring in computer arts and hope to one day be one of those artists with a spiffy "" E-mail addresses...Here's to Dreams & Wishes...Even if I have to move way out there to Redmond....heh

RED has been a project of mine ever since a friend dared me to do it...At first I took this lightly making random creatures and tossing them in random mock levels...When I got a G3 I realised the kind of graphical power now available to me so I pursued an actual organised scenario.

The title RED is nothing more then a title...It has no meaning beside the fact that I renamed it so my friends would stop calling it "Marathon IAN" I named it after my favorite color...(Good thing my favorite color wasn't Magenta or something...heh)

I'm now heading off to Bowling Green University here in Ohio. I'll be Majoring in computer art and animation. Here's hoping it works out...Because that's one expensive peice of paper I'm working for.

Thanks to Claude and HAS I've managed to get this far...



Enough of my babble...go break something... kill-happy slaughter monkey...

The weapons...What truely makes or breaks a Marathon senario...Well, in my opinion...And here we have them, the tools of destruction for Marathon RED. From Melee combat to long range Napalm, they're all here...Who knows they might get changed around a bit before I release the final cut...I've already done it once...

MERCURY .33     The standard eguip for the marines. Though small and compact, unlike it's previous models, it is able to unload all of it's ninty round clip in six seconds. The ability to hold two at once makes them all the more deadly.
DS MICROWAVE     A smaller version of the old TOZT. Capable of getting the same amount of spraying time as before but at a shorter range. The secondary ability to genecine the remaining fuel in the canister as a indirect morter also comes in handy when taking out a wide spread area of opponents.


    Untouched by time, they remain as potent as ever. With a reloading method "that is to complicated to explain" a marine get all of that loving clicking noise they want from unloading these babies.


    Named after its pecicular shape,the miner is one of the more bizzar weapons. It's primary weapon is a bolt generator that works at medium range. The constant beam of energy is quite deadly to most machinery and is capable of horribly burning most living things. The electrical current can be dangerous if fired at close range, for it bounces back at the user and inflicts the same amount of damage to the target as well as the weilder. The secondary feature drops land mines that are set off by near by movement. The explosion of one of these mines is almost at the same rating as a nuked juggernaut.


   The only long range weapon capable of firing under water. The Pulse rifle projects super heated uranium with it's twin barrels but is quite ineffective at hitting small targets.



Barrel and handle not shown


This nuclear reactor strapped to a marine's back can cause more damage than needed. Some of its down falls is that it can only carry four shots per core and has a horrificly slow rate of fire. but all that means nothing to the fact that it can take down ANYTHING it hits...The force from the gun even knocks a skilled marine on his/her butt while equiped with anti-kick harnesses.


RY-ST RPG (AKA the Glove)
    A one armed rocket powered grenade launcher is what this is. It is capable of adjusting to the weilder's own forearm and unload/reload in a few seconds. It carries four shots and is very light wieght. A definate "Must have" for marines everywhere.


   From the same sheild technology as the marine uses to save thier butts comes a new melee weapon. A normal mace wrapped in a layer of energy capable of knocking down nearly anyone. A secondary feature enables a charging feature to increase damage by about ten fold. ... Can we say "Bob Ball?"


H.V.S.O.P.O.W. (AKA the Weasel)








(More to come on this one...You really don't want to know.)
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