Author Topic: Tempus Irae and Tempus Irae 2: The Lost Levels are two games for Aleph One.  (Read 2921 times)

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Tempus Irae and Tempus Irae 2 The Lost Levels: are two games for Aleph One.

Over the years Nardo has received numerous requests for an Aleph One version of Tempus Irae, or permission for people to release their own updated version of our scenario. For reasons not worth mentioning, that wasn't going to happen - until now. Thanks to the tireless and efficient efforts of Gregory Smith, and the Never Satisfied work ethic of James Hastings-Trew, the time has come for Nardo to proudly announce the official release of Tempus Irae and Tempus Irae 2: The Lost Levels for Aleph One.

Aside from being both Mac and PC compatible, this new release has received a major artistic restoration in the process. Every texture has been recreated - mostly done with Cinema 4D - in hi res splendor. To further enhance the beauty of the game, an additional download is available to add breathtaking hi res landscapes. We couldn't stop there, so all additional Maps created by the members of Nardo, 3rd party Tempus Irae maps, as well as those entered into the Tempus Irae Mapmaking Contest have been converted for use in Aleph One. To insure the package was complete, we converted the original game Read Me files to .pdf's, and have provided a link to the Tempus Irae alternate Music file.

Installation and gameplay enjoyment have never been easier. Each file offered below comes with easy to follow instructions for either platform. The levels are unchanged from their original release, with the exception of the new hi res textures and landscapes. It goes without saying - it's a whole new game.

Tempus Irae was created to be a FUN scenario to play, filled with mouth watering eye candy, and plenty of ammo to accomplish the tasks at hand. We hope you have nearly as much fun playing the game, as we did creating it.


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