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Plex is a Port of XBMC and is a multimedia player and streaming server pair of Apps

Plex features

Plex is packed with features designed to make your media experience easy and enjoyable.

    Make your media beautiful

    Plex gives you one simple interface to organize all of your media: your movie and TV collection, your music library, and all of your photos and home videos. Plex enriches your media library by adding descriptions, plot summaries, posters and album covers. Enjoy your media on every TV in the house or on any mobile device on the go.

    Plex keeps track of your media

    Recently added content is presented front and center so you can instantly see what’s new. Plex also knows which movies and shows you’re watching, so you can easily pick up where you left off or play the next episode.

    Your big screen’s best friend

    Plex liberates you from single-screen viewing. With Plex Companion, you can fling great content from your phone to your TV. Keep watching that movie on your tablet when you head to bed. Pause an episode when the phone rings, skip a track you’ve heard too many times or just find out more about what you’re watching with the world’s best remote control.

    Share your media with friends and family

    Effortlessly share media among friends, so you can all discover and enjoy even more content. Exchange precious memories with distant family members by sharing your vacation photos and home videos. With Plex, your media universe is constantly expanding.

    Your media is reachable, even when
    you’re not

    Cruising at 30,000 feet, sailing across the Atlantic, or just taking the subway to work - even when you’re offline, Plex Sync has you covered. Simply tell Plex what you want to take with you on your phone or tablet and we’ll take care the rest, keeping your content up to date and presenting it with the same beautiful interface. Plex Sync is available exclusively to our Plex Pass subscribers.

    Stream directly from the cloud

    Cloud Sync automatically optimizes the media you choose and uploads it to places like Dropbox, Google Drive, Bitcasa and Box. It’s like having a media server that’s always on. Cloud Sync is available exclusively to our Plex Pass subscribers.

    Access your favorite online content

    Plex Channels provide access to numerous sources of online content, like TED Talks, Vimeo, Revision 3 and more. No matter what your interests are, you’ll be able to find something great to watch or recommend to your friends, all presented in Plex’s gorgeous interface.

    Save it now, watch it later

    Easily save online videos from your favorite sites to watch later, even on the big screen. Or share the experience by recommending videos to a friend.

    World class DLNA support built right in

    Plex makes your media beautiful on thousands of DLNA certified devices like the PS3, Xbox 360, and WDTV Live devices without the need to install dedicated apps. Harness the power of the most sophisticated DLNA server available to effortlessly stream nearly any format to your device, right out of the box.

To get started, you'll need to download the Plex Media Server.
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