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The MacLife Software Vault is a BIG Macintosh Resource of Macintosh Applications!

Software Santa will start mining this Trove Today!

The Software Vault
By: Mac|Life Staff

Here's your one-stop source for top software, selected by Mac|Life editors. We constantly add to and update the Vault, so check in often to see what's new.

Our Software Vault, formerly available only to readers of Mac|Life, the magazine, is now available to all visitors to - just click on the Software Vault graphic on our front page (or the image above) to jump directly to it.

Inside the vault is a comprehensive collection of applications, demos, shareware, freeware, donationware, and more, all arranged in eight categories:

Audio and Music


Fun and Games

Graphics and Multimedia


Internet and Communication


Each collection is headed by a full list of all the items in that category. New and updated items are listed at the top of each category page - check back often to discover the latest additions.


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