Author Topic: The Legend of Space Bug is a simple, totaly free arcade game for Mac OS X.  (Read 3246 times)

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The Legend of Space Bug is a simple, totaly free arcade game for Mac OS X.

What is The Legend of Space Bug?

The Legend of Space Bug is a freeware game where your mission is to save the Earth! The game is a remake of the original Space Bug released for Mac OS classic in the year 2000. The game is completely free, but it would be cool if you sent a postcard from your hometown! It would be very interesting to see where the game is played (if anywhere). You can get my mail address below. There are also few Space Bug cloth badges available for 5 eur/usd, if you wish to support the Space Bug project financially =)

2. Requirements

Since this game is made as a one-man project on one Macintosh (iMac G4, Mac OS X 10.3), I can not well define what the specific requirements are. However, I have received some information from people who have successfully ran the game on iMac G3 with Mac OS X 10.2.8 (Jaguar)

Please contact me if you have better information about the requirements (if it works on Mac OS X 10.1 for example).

3. How to play the game

The Legend of Space Bug includes 20 levels of action. Each new level raises the pace of the game. The primary objective is to prevent objects colliding the Earth - and to gain the highest score!

The game allows you to make settings that most pleases you in the Options window. You can also select the ship you want to use from the Select Ship window. See "Creating Space Bug Ships" document for the instructions to create your own ships (included in later release).

You can choose between 3 different game modes, depending on the capabilies of the selected ship. The standard Space Bug ship supports modes 1 (simple moving) and 2 (crosshair shooting). Mode 3 (rotate and move) is designed for Space Bug ships that clearly have a bow.

Hint: Earth slowly heals itself, but in order to repair the Space Bug ship you need to shoot down satellites to get the extra parts you need for fixing! =)

Space Bug keys:

ARROW UP: Move up / move
ARROW DOWN: Move down
ARROW LEFT: Move left / rotate left
ARROW RIGHT: Move right / rotate right
#1 KEY: Change to mode 1 (if available)
#2 KEY: Change to mode 2 (if available)
#3 KEY: Change to mode 3 (if available)
SPACEBAR: Shoot (in mode 2)
P KEY: Pause and resume game
Q KEY: End game

Works fine on my Mac Pro (Early 2008): and Leopard 10.5.2!


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