Author Topic: l1neum stands in the tradition of 80s arcade games like "Qix" and "Volfied" OS X  (Read 3003 times)

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l1neum stands in the tradition of 80s arcade games like "Qix" and "Volfied" OS X

A Software Santa PICK! 


Your spaceship sits on the wall enclosing the battlefield. Use the arrow keys to move your vessel. The battlefield resembles the racing grounds of "Tron." Your enemies are roaming the grounds. Your task is cutting off parts of the terrain. Hold down the Spacebar and move into the battlefield. As you reach the wall in a different spot you have cut off parts of the terrain. Your aim is to cut off more than 80% of the battlefield. When you enter the enemyÕs territory, you are susceptive to attacks by the enemy. On the other hand, you are able to kill enemies (or activate extras) by enclosing them. At the end of the game your lines will be converted into a 3D sculpture. The game l1neum stands in the tradition of 80Õs arcade games like "Qix" and "Volfied."
Is it as simple as it sounds? Try yourself!
[ arrows ] - move vessel
[ + space ] - move into the battlefield.
[ p ] or [ esc ] - pause or exit
Too easy? /Settings: Swing ON

- gamescape
- universal binary
- storable settings/highscore
- some bug fixes
- various behaviors of the enemies
- highscore
More infos ..
Tested on following Macs:
- PowerBook G3 Pismo 333 MHz (10.3)
- PowerBook Platinum 400 MHz (10.3)
- PowerMac G4 400 MHz (10.2.8)
- iMac G4 Lamp 700 MHz (10.3)
developed in the udev-game-contest 2004
[ go there and look for other games ]
There is also a post-mortem document online small version: here(long version: poor english here). This document describes the making of "l1neum", the problems and what we learned in this contest.
Creative Commons License
this work is licensed under a creative commons license.


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