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Centromedia Address Office is a multiplatform telephone and address book.


Address Office

Get organized with Centromedia Address Office ! It's a practical multiplatform telephone and address book that allows you to quickly and easily manage addresses, phone numbers, URLs, AIM, ICQ and Email addresses. Address Office can quickly find what you are looking for. The program is really simple to use and lets you protect your data with a password. Centromedia Address Office helps you in your daily work at the office or at home and can follow you everywhere in your Laptop.

Address Office is integrated with the Internet, allowing you to connect with Web pages and send Email using your favorite Email and browser software. The program also helps you to dial phone numbers by reading them out loud (through the speaker) or through your modem and has a most useful calendar that appears in a small separate window.

You can easily import and export addresses for the principal Email clients, Word processors and Excel.

Phone numbers are automatically dialed with the correct Country Code.
Address Office comes directly with 5 languages built-in, so that every one can use and understand it (English, German, Italian, French, Spanish).

The plug-in architecture can easily extend the function, add languges, and add your personal Splash Screen. You can distribute it with your personal publicity.

Build easily statistics of your Addresses.

There are no limits to exchange your archives between other offices and friends. Every version is released for different operating systems like: MacOSX, MacOS 8.1-9.1, Microsoft Windows.

Main features

    * Multiplatform (Macintosh and Windows)
    * Multilingual (English, German, French, Spanish, Italian)
    * Print & Email Mailinglist generator
    * Advanced security protection user/master
    * Microsoft, faxSTF, eCard / vCard compatibility
    * Postal Codes, Statistics, Calendar, Euro Converter, Calculator
    * Software Update Engine
    * Compatible with EU and USA laws for privacy agreement
    * Expanding possibilities with Plug-Ins, Startup and Shutdown items.
    * Automated for digital and analog addresses
    * Autodial with country-code
    * Import/Export
    * Many many more...


    * Freeware

System Requirements

    * Apple MacOS 8.1 - 9.2
    * Apple MacOS 9.2 - 10.2 (Carbon)
    * Microsoft Windows 95 - XP
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