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Bean is a fast and uncluttered word processor for Mac OS X 10.4 or later.

What Bean is and does
Bean is a small, easy-to-use word processor that features:
   •   a live word count
   •   a Get Info panel for in-depth statistics
   •   a zoom-slider to easily change the view scale
   •   an Inspector panel with lots of sliders
   •   date-stamped backups
   •   autosaving
   •   a page layout mode
   •   an alternate colors option (e.g., white text on blue)
   •   an option to show invisible characters (tabs, returns, spaces)
   •   selection of text by text style, paragraph style, color, etc.
   •   a floating windows option (like Stickies has)
   •   text highlighting
   •   easy to use menus
   •   remembers cursor position (excluding .text, .html, and .webarchive formats)
   •   all of Cocoa's good stuff (dictionary, word completion, etc.)

File Formats
Bean natively reads and writes these file formats:
   •   .rtf format (rich text)
   •   .rtfd format (rich text with graphics)
   •   .bean format (identical to .rtfd)
   •   .txt format
   •   .html format (as source code)
   •   .webarchive format (Apple's web archive format)

Bean transparently imports and exports these formats:
   •   .doc format (MS Word '97, minus images, margins, and page size)
   •   .xml format (MS Word 2003 XML, minus images)
   •   .odt format (OpenDocument, minus images, page size, and margins)
   •   .docx format (Word 2007, minus images, tables, and some formatting)

Bean can export all of the above formats to these formats:
•   .html (web page format, minus images)
•   .pdf (most faithful, but not editable)
•   .rtf with images encoded in file
•   .doc compatible with images encoded in file

What Bean doesn't do
Bean doesn't do footnotes, columns, pre-defined text styles, floating graphics (but it does do in-line graphics).

System Requirements
A Mac with a PPC or Intel processor running OS X version 10.4.0 and up (including 10.5 Leopard).

Bean is provided at no monetary cost.
Bean is open source (Gnu GPL, see below).
Download the sourcecode at:

Laurent Baumann created the gorgeous icons.
Live Word Count uses the KBWordCountingTextStorage class by Keith Blount.
Export to RTF and DOC with pictures intact, thanks to Keith Blount.
Smart Quote uses sample code by Andrew C. Stone.
Please see the app's Help file for others whose sample code proved helpful.


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