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jose is a Chess Database & Game written in JAVA 1.4 (for most systems!)

A Software Santa PICK! Another Excellent FREE Toy from the Software Elves over at Source Forge!

Alas: dead links now!

Santa doesn't MAKE any Toys, he just FINDS Them!

Software Santa JUST got a cool Chess Game he didn't know even existed yesterday, and HAS played with it already! Now he'll share his brand new toy so it'll be Christmas for ALL of us!

Windows 98 / Mac OS X 10.3 / Linux JAVA 1.4.2 - or Later - required!

jose is a graphical Chess tool.

You can store chess games in a database (backed by MySQL).

You can view games and edit variations and comments.

You can play against a "plugged-in" chess engine and use it for analysis.


    * graphical frontend to MySQL database
    * read and write PGN (Portable Game Notations) files
    * 2D and 3D view
    * edit games, insert comments, variations
    * plug-in chess engine for play and analysis; supports both XBoard and UCI protocol.
    * Play Fischer Random Chess / Chess 960, or Shuffle Chess
    * Opening Books
    * ECO opening classification
    * Position Search
    * Create HTML and PDF files.
    * Web Servlet interface
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