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Moldeo is an interactive digital animation and effects software tool.

Moldeo is an interactive software tool for digital animation and effects in real-time, aimed at the synaesthesic generation of visual environments in theater, performance and any other setting where a live visual component is needed.

Open development

The main objective of this project consists in the development of an open source tool for real-time rendering, animation and processing of images, video and three-dimensional data. This tool is called Moldeo, and it will be able to use heterogeneous input sources, such as live video or data streamed over a network. Its output can be either displayed on a computer screen, projected on a large scale medium or surface, or redirected over the network. The primary use of Moldeo would be to create audiovisual installations in theater, performances and other scenic spaces. Central to this use are the concepts of interpretation and improvisation, directly built into Moldeo by allowing the user/interpreter/artist to actually play (as in to play a musical instrument) with the images and with all the parameters affecting it.

Open community

The second objective deals with the creation of an open community of programmers, artists and designers around Moldeo. One one hand, Argentina is home to a thriving and innovative scene in the performative arts, but on the other hand, the financial and technological resources available to the independent artist are very limited. This scarcity of resources favors the current media conglomeration and monopolization. With these facts in mind, we plan to release Moldeo under the GNU Public License (GPL), to create a Spanish website documenting the usage, applications and technical aspects of Moldeo, and finally, to generate an active dialog between developers and artists to ensure that this new tool fits their needs.

Research and experimentation

The third objective is concerned with the role of Moldeo as a platform to experiment with new technologies in computer graphics and with new artistic and scientific concepts. This experimentation will be carried out by proposing a number of specific audiovisual and performance installations, which will also serve as an example of the directions that can be explored using Moldeo.
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