Author Topic: FileSync is a simple utility for updating copies of your current work Mac X 10.4  (Read 2126 times)

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FileSync is a simple utility for updating copies of your current work Mac X 10.4

FileSync (2.0) synchronization is now threaded and cancelable. Synchronization lists are stored in a drawer panel (formerly the servers drawer); selecting one displays its list of Sync items. Each Sync item consists of a Master file or folder, and its related Copy location (enclosing folder). FileSync only copies new and most recently modified files between the two locations.

I regularly use FileSync to update a USB Flash Drive and two shared Macs on the network. Volumes are mounted on the desktop before running FileSync. During synchronization, FileSync displays a list of the files that are copied, to or from the Copy location. FileSync works best with locally mounted volumes. Be careful with Airport shared volumes. Be sure to check a volume is mounted and privileges are sufficient.

Under Tiger, FileSync's synchronization lists drawer continues to be useful for mounting shared volumes to the desktop. Unfortunately, with Leopard, the Finder must be used to mount shared volumes to the desktop before using FileSync with them. Check the Finder Preferences are set to show connected servers on the desktop.

There are occasions when it is undesireable to have new (or orphaned) files on a Copy location. copied back over to a Master. A "mirror" option is provided that updates with the Master's file structure and moves all new and orphaned files on the Copy location to the Trash. Mirroring is necessary when synchronizing files that are document packages.

FileSync is free, therefore lightly supported. I answer questions about FileSync from time to time by email. Questions may be sent from the Contact page on Please mention FileSync in your message's subject heading.

FileSync is a universal binary application software, built for use on Intel or PowerPC Macintoshes.


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