Author Topic: DAZ Studio: FREE cutting-edge 3D posing and animation tools for Windows or Mac X  (Read 3612 times)

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DAZ Studio: FREE cutting-edge 3D posing and animation tools for Windows or Mac X

DAZ Studio does it again with version 2.2! Our developers and product managers have been working around the clock to bring you this latest update, filled with impressive new features - many of which you've requested. It's also filled with great new fixes, creating a more stable DAZ Studio environment. But really the thing we think you'll be most excited about is that DAZ Studio now features Lip-Sync! You can start with some of the sound files included in this release or load files from Mimic directly into DAZ Studio. Another fantastic new feature is Smoothing Angle. It offers you the choice of which surfaces you would like smoothed, and at what angle.

What makes DAZ Studio 2.2 so special? Well, we've already mentioned Lip-Sync, and Smoothing Angle. We've also added to the Morph Panel (Parameters Tab) with the additions of "Figure Favorites" and "Local Favorites." Both tools will allow you to copy your favorite or frequently used sliders to your favorites list. The Power Loader provides an interface to allow you to load content and select only the desired morphs or injections you need for the figure. The Hexagon Bridge to DAZ Studio feature now includes Sub-D support, offering you the ability to transfer Sub-D meshes into Hexagon to create morphs for use in DAZ Studio!

See it! WOW!

You really have to see it to believe it. So click on the tutorials, check out details of the new features or, even better, just take the leap and download DAZ Studio 2.2. Add Lip-Sync and Smoothing Angle to such recent additions as the QuickStart interface and the Auto Magnetize feature and you'll see just how user friendly DAZ Studio has become! And speaking of the QuickStart interface, it will guide you right through DAZ Studio. It includes tutorials, pre-loaded content and other features right within your Viewport. You'll notice the difference right from the start. Everything is bigger, clearer, and easier to follow. And best of all, DAZ Studio is still free! You'll be using these cutting-edge 3D posing and animation tools before you know it.


Either Platform:

# 50MB free hard drive space for installation (For installation of the free content bundle, we recommend that you have 350 MB of free harddrive space)

# OpenGL compatible graphics card with at least 128 MB of onboard

# Drivers supporting OpenGL 1.3 recommended

# NVIDIA GeForce FX series cards highly recommended

# ATI Radeon series cards recommended

# 32-bit graphics color depth

# CD-ROM drive


    * Power Macintosh® or Intel Macintosh®

    * 700 MHz (1 GHz or faster recommended)

    * Mac® OS X 10.3 or above

    * 256 MB RAM min (512 recommended)


    * Pentium® III /AMD Athlon Processor running at 700 MHz
          o Windows 2000® or above

    * 128 MB RAM (If running Windows 98 or ME)

    * 256 MB RAM min (If running Windows 2000 or XP)

    * DirectX 8.1 or above

I've got MINE! The License agreement says: to pay for it you need to tell 2 other people that have never heard about it before where to get THEIR Free Copy!  OK: you're One ...


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