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Track-A-Minute is Time tracking software for Windows.
« on: June 07, 2008, 07:18:26 PM »
Track-A-Minute is Time tracking software for Windows.

Suggested by my dear Friend malephar! Thanx and a tip of the Santa's Cap!

The program is all about time tracking. To set it up you add your clients, add the projects you're working on, and then add tasks to each project. In day-to-day use, you select a given task and click the 'Start' button to tell the program what you're working on. It will automatically suspend the previous task and begin timing this one.

The idea is to track exactly how many days, hours and minutes were spent on given tasks within projects, and for which clients. Track-A-Minute will then generate reports which can be copied and pasted into your invoices, giving your clients a detailed account of the time spent on their project.

T-A-M is all about simplicity. Two clicks is all it takes to switch tasks, and a simple status window displays the current task along with elapsed time.

Track-A-Minute is currently under development, with feedback from a professional architect. Eventually it will be a commercial application, although there will be a free version too.

Who would it be useful for?

TAM would be ideally suited to small business owners & professionals, for example:

Quantity Surveyors
Structural Engineers
Hydraulic Engineers
Mechanical Engineers
Electrical Engineers
Acoustic Engineers

Also valuable for any office worker charging a client by the hour or day. Other examples:

Building Designer
Landscape Designer
Interior Designer
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