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Hyperic HQ Open Source is Open Source Web Infrastructure Management Software!

If you don't own a business with a web server: you don't need this - move along now. Go check out all the Cool Toys Like TORCS, and Flight Gear, and Battle for Wesnoth instead!

Look into the Documentation please:

Download HQ Open Source

HQ includes three basic components: a server (featuring the web-based dashboard), an agent (installed on the machines to monitor), and command-line server tools. The HQ Installer bundle includes HQ Server, HQ Agent, command-line tools, a PostgreSQL database server, and a JRE (Sun JRE 1.5). To run HQ Server on the same machine that is monitored, that's it. To monitor multiple systems on different platforms (operating system, CPU architecture), download at least the installer bundle and one of the agent files.

For platforms not supported by Hyperic, either download a "Platform Independent" bundle, which requires a separate database and JRE already configured, or download and build from source.

    * HQ Installer  includes everything: server, agent, command-line utilities, database, and JRE
    * HQ Agent  just the agent: install on systems to be monitored
    * Hyperic HQ VMware Appliance (3.1.4)  try out HQ on a VMware appliance (requires VMware Player or Server)
    * HQ Source  entire source package (see build instructions)

Download the HQ Installer

Pick the platform you want to run your HQ server:

    * Linux (x86) (tarball)
    * Linux (AMD64) (tarball)
    * Redhat Linux (x86) (rpm)
    * Redhat Linux (64) (rpm)
    * Windows (msi) (zip)
    * Solaris (SPARC)
    * Mac OS X (PPC)
    * Platform independent - no bundled JRE or database (tarball)
    * Platform independent - no bundled JRE or database (zip)

Download HQ Agents

Pick the platforms you want to monitor:

    * Linux (x86) (tarball)
    * Linux (AMD64) (tarball)
    * Redhat Linux (no JRE) (rpm)
    * Windows (zip)
    * Solaris (SPARC) (tarball)
    * AIX (PPC) (tarball)
    * Mac OS X (PPC) (tarball)
    * Platform independent - no JRE (tarball)
    * Platform independent - no JRE (zip)

Download HQ Source

Download and build from source. (see instructions)

    * source (tarball)
    * source (zip)

Enterprise monitoring and management for web apps on Linux, Mac, Unix & Windows. Auto-discovers 70+ technologies incl. hardware, networks, virtualization, and apps. Includes: monitoring, alerts, remote diagnostics, and control actions from web console.

Hyperic HQ Overview

Hyperic HQ is an IT-management framework that gives its users the ability to manage many different types of technologies (in Hyperic lingo, resources) from a single interface. With Hyperic HQ, you can:

    * Inventory the resources on your network
    * Monitor those resources
    * Alert on problems with those resources
    * Control those resources

If you have any comments or suggestions for this help page, please submit them at the bottom of the page by clicking Add Comment.

Inventory the Resources on Your Network

Hyperic HQ maintains an inventory of your network through an auto-discovery process. HQ organizes what it finds on your network as prescribed by HQ's inventory model. This process of discovering and inventorying is the foundation for all other HQ capabilities.

    * Auto-discover resources (Hyperic's umbrella term for platforms, servers, and services)
    * Define applications  collections of platforms, servers, and services organized to fulfill a single business purpose  and view supporting resource maps
    * Manage inventories for all these platforms, servers, services, and applications

(In addition to creating resources automatically through auto-discovery and allowing users to manually create them through the UI, HQ allows for direct import of resources through the HQ Shell.)

Monitor Your Resources

Hyperic HQ provides both numerical (for example, throughput) and non-numerical (for example, logs, configuration data) data for all resources under its management. With this wealth of data, you can:

    * Measure end-to-end application service levels
    * Track performance, availability, resource utilization, throughput, and events
    * Identify the root cause of application problems by drilling down through resource hierarchies
    * Correlate cause and effect
    * Analyze historical data

Alert on Problems with Your Resources

Thanks to HQ's robust inventory and monitoring capabilities, alerts can be defined for many triggering conditions.

    * Alert on problems as soon as they occur
    * Configure multi-condition alerts
    * Send alerts to email, cell phone or pager
    * Set up auto-recovery alerts that are linked to control actions

Control Your Resources

HQ also enables you to perform actions on some resource types (for example, starting or stopping Postgres) from its centralized interface.

    * Centrally exercise a full range of resource-specific commands
    * Perform pre- and post-control impact analysis
    * Perform corrective actions over groups of resources
    * Auto-recover from service-level outages and degradations
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