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Jarnal is a Java Notetaker and PDF Annotator for Most systems!

Jarnal is an open-source application for notetaking, sketching, keeping a journal, making a presentation, annotating a document - including pdf - or collaborating using a stylus, mouse or keyboard. It is similar to Microsoft Windows Journal and to the earlier Mimeo whiteboarding and Palm notepad applications. There is also a commercial knockoff of Jarnal called PDF Annotator - for $50 you can enjoy a subset of the capabilities that Jarnal provides for free.

Credits: Mark Stephens and for their excellent support for rendering PDF; Bruno Lowage, Paulo Soares and iText for their excellent support producing PDF.

Requirements: Java 2 1.4.2 or later. Jarnal runs both as an application and as an applet.

Why is this program better than Microsoft Windows Journal or One-Note? Because it is written in Java files can be edited and viewed on any platform, and the editor/viewer is freely redistributable - not to speak of customizable.

MS Journal files can be edited only on a Tablet PC and viewed only with Windows XP or 2000. One-Note also uses proprietary file formats that can be viewed only on a few platforms, and edited only by purchasing the latest version of Microsoft Office.

In Jarnal the files are in a standard non-proprietary format, human readable, and usable by other applications. By default, no information identifying the author is stored in the file.

Jarnal also offers document annotation capabilities, collaboration and networking connectivity not available with the MS programs. [If you are interested in this software and run Linux, you should also take a look at Gournal and Xournal. Also there is another Java note-taking program NoteLab that may be of interest.]

Why is this program better than PDF Annotator? Because it does for free everything PDF Annotator does and much more: cross-platform support; the ability to enter text from the keyboard; combine pdf documents and rearrange pages; the ability to annotate faxes and other non-pdf documents - to name a few.

Credits: Originally written by David Levine, with major code contributions by Gunnar Teege. Brent Baccala contributed code and suggestions, and Peter J. G. Long made many suggestions and has done an enormous amount of testing. A number of people at made suggestions for improvement and tested early versions of the software. Walter Yuan was always helpful with advice and code when needed.
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