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Firemox allows players to play card games against an opponent over a network.

Firemox (FM) is a full Java program which allows players to play various card games against an opponent over a network, such as a LAN and the Internet, or alone. The program is the judge: it implements and enforces the rules, so that the players do not need to resolve them themselves.

At the moment, network play requires the IP address of your opponent, but we are working on a client/server option which will allow players to host and connect to game servers. The game currently runs Magic: The Gathering but rules can be written for any classic card game (eg. Poker) or collectible card game (CCG).

The main feature of this program is that it can parse the rules of a game which are defined in an (human readable) XML file. MP parses these rules files to determine turn structure, card types, colors, etc.. making it impossible for players to cheat. Also, if a player forgets to do something during the game, he/she will be reminded since all rules are managed by MP.


    * Written in Java: works on Mac, Windows and Linux
    * Highly customizable and extensible rules
    * Is fully skinnable using Look & Feel control settings
    * Free and open-source
    * Customizable language settings

You need Java 5.0 or Java 6.0u3 (recommended) to run Firemox !

System Requirements:

JDK   5.0 or above
Memory   No minimum requirement
Disk   The Firemox application is in itself less than 10MB but will use more disk space when it's downloading pictures
Operating System   No minimum requirement. Tested on Windows XP, Debian, and Mac OS X
Screen   1024x768 or greater is the minimum. 1280x1024 is recommanded


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