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Multiple sites for Health & Nutrition Tips and Information!

First up is the AMEDD: The U.S. Army Medical Department has a health site that is chock full of Health Information and Valuable Tips!

Health Tips

"Health Tips from Army Medicine" is an Army Medical Department service offering military medical beneficiaries general information on military medicine, health and self-care.

Much of this information may also be valuable to members of the general public.

Tips are not intended to take the place of your physician's advice; consult your physician for information specific to personal health needs.

Categories containing multiple topics include:

    * Children & Teens
    * Dental Health
    * Diet & Nutrition
    * Drugs & Dietary Supplements
    * Health Services
    * Illness & Injury
    * Men's Health
    * Mental Health
    * Military
    * Pet & Vet
    * Preventive Behaviors
    * Sports & Fitness
    * Women's Health

Or you may want to look at the whole (lengthy) list of topics:
Alphabetical Listing by Article Title

(What do you know! My 1st Present listed from the .mil domain!)


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