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OrangeHRM is an Open Source HRM (Human Resource Management) information system for Windows / Linux / Android / iOS.


OrangeHRM is an Open Source Human Resource Management (HRM) information system that will provide a vast range of features to manage the crucial organization asset - people. It provides a perfect platform for re-engineering and aligning your HR processes along with the organizational goals.

What's new in OrangeHRM 2.3 ?

Introducing the Benefit Module which comprises of the comprehensive Health Saving Plans, according to the feedback, received from user community side, is the main objective of the 2.3 release.

Features of the new application version include:

    * Health Saving Plans
         1. Define HSP
                o OrangeHRM has given a wider option for the organizations to select their Health Saving Plans out of the 6 options been specified. These can be listed as HSA,HRA,FSA,HSA+HRA,HSA+FSA,HRA+FSA. All these options are based on the level of contribution by the employee and the employer.

         2. Employee HSP Summary
                o This lists out all the records of a particular employee with regards to his HSP.This lists out the annual limit,the employer and the employee contributions,the accrued amount and the current status of the HSP.

         3. HSP Payments Due
                o This is the place where the HR admin can go and check the due HSP payments due for the employees.

         4. HSP Expenditure
                o This displays all the used HSP payments as well as the due HSP payments of a particular employee. This list provides a clear idea of the current status of the overall HSP system in the organization

         5. HSP Request
                o This provides a request form for the employees to apply for the HSP in a particular year. Certain fields in this form are set inactive in the case of the ESS users and being made active for the HR admin only,when approving the HSP requests.

OrangeHRM Features:

    * Administration Module (Admin)
    * Personal Information Manager Module (PIM)
    * Employee Self Service Module (ESS)
    * Reports Module
    * Leave Module
    * Time and Attendance Module (Time)
    * Benefit Module

Administration Module (Admin)

The part of the system where the HR Manager or other appointed personnel perform all system administration tasks. This include defining company structure, pay grades and other information that serves as the backbone for the rest of the system. Security issues are taken care of through this module as well by defining user rights.


    * Define Company Info (General Information, Company Structure, Locations)
    * Define Job information (Job titles, Pay Grades, Employment Statuses, EEO Job Categories)
    * Define Qualification Information (Education, Licenses)
    * Define Skills (Skills, Languages)
    * Define Memberships and Membership types
    * Define Nationalities & Races
    * Define Users
    * Configure and subscribe for E-mail Notifications

Personal Information Manager Module (PIM)

This core module maintains all relevant employee related information, including different types of personal information, detailed qualifications and work experience, job related information etc. Picture of employee is included as well. Information captured in this module is utilized by all other modules, thus eliminating data redundancy.

Features :

    * Personal information (Date of birth, SSN, nationality, ethnic race etc.)
    * Color picture
    * Contact details
    * Emergency Contact(s)
    * Dependents
    * Immigration details (Passport & Visa info)
    * Job information
    * Payment details (Pay Grade & Salary)
    * Employee reporting structure (Assign Supervisor)
    * Work Experience
    * Education details
    * Skills
    * Assign Languages
    * Assign Licenses
    * Assign Memberships
    * Attachments
    * Define employee id (which was previously auto generated)
    * Display more employee details in the employee list
    * Search with more fields

Employee Self Service Module (ESS)

Employee self service is a powerful tool providing employees of the company with the ability to view relevant information such as personal information, updating personal information with web - enabled PC without having to hassle the HR staff.

The functionality of this module spans through the entire system, making information available anywhere, anytime. Of course all information is subject to company defined security policy, where everyone can only view the information he/she is authorized to. Time and cost saving effects from this solution are tremendous.

Reports Module

This feature produces customized reports according to your needs. Any number of reports can be defined by selecting from a range of search criteria and report fields. Report definitions can be saved to avoid repeating this task. Once the report definition is saved, the report can be generated by providing the required criteria data

Leave Module

A comprehensive leave management module, with extensive possibilities of defining leave types and more. It caters for all application and approval processes and is able to display information on leave entitlement, balance, history etc. Thanks to the web-enabled and self-service concepts, it significantly streamlines all leave related procedures, eliminates paperwork and saves costs.


    * Define Leave Types
    * View Leave Summary of all employees in one screen
    * Define Days-off (weekends and specific holidays)
    * Apply for and assign continuous leave
    * Receive auto notification e-mails after performing leave related operations

Time and Attendance Module (Time)

The module automates time tracking related processes. The offered functionality enhances the organization's performance by eliminating paperwork and manual processes associated with time and attendance needs. The sophisticated module helps to efficiently organize labor data, improve the workforce management and minimize errors in enforcement of company's attendance policies.


    * Define organization’s customers and projects
    * Create timesheets
    * Administration and management of your own and your subordinates’ timesheets

Benefit Module

This module illustrates on the company’s Health Saving Plan policies. This allows the administrator of the system to define the suitable health savings plan policy for the organization, ESS users to make requests on health savings, administrator to approve or reject the requests and the systematic monitoring of the user accounts on health savings.
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