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Task Coach is a simple free todo manager to manage personal tasks and todo lists.

Task Coach is a simple open source todo manager to manage personal tasks and todo lists.


Task Coach currently (0.70.1) has the following features:

    * Creating, editing, and deleting tasks and subtasks.
    * Tasks have a subject, description, priority, start date, due date, a completion date and an optional reminder. Tasks can recur on a daily, weekly or monthly basis.
    * Tasks can be viewed as a list or as a tree.
    * Tasks can be sorted by all task attributes, e.g. subject, budget, budget left, due date, etc.
    * Several filters to e.g. hide completed tasks or view only tasks that are due today.
    * Tasks can be created by dragging an e-mail message from Outlook or Thunderbird onto a task viewer.
    * Attachments can be added to task by dragging and dropping files, e-mail messages from Outlook or Thunderbird, or URL's onto a task.
    * Task status depends on its subtask and vice versa. E.g. if you mark the last uncompleted subtask as completed, the parent task is automatically marked as completed too.
    * Tasks and notes can be assigned to user-defined categories.
    * Settings are persistent and saved automatically. The last opened file is loaded automatically when starting Task Coach.
    * Tracking time spent on tasks. Tasks can have a budget. Time spent can be viewed by individual effort period, by day, by week, and by month.
    * The Task Coach file format (.tsk) is XML.
    * Tasks, notes, effort, and categories can be exported to HTML and CSV (Comma separated format). Effort can be exported to iCalendar/ICS format as well.
    * Tasks, effort, notes, and categories can be printed. When printing, Task Coach prints the information that is visible in the current view, including any filters and sort order.
    * Task Coach can be run from a removable medium.


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