Author Topic: Pix2Fone lets you send pictures to your cell phone: For Windows Systems.  (Read 3355 times)

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Pix2Fone lets you send pictures to your cell phone: For Windows Systems.

Pix2Fone is a unique add-on for Internet Explorer and Firefox, that allows you to send photos to your cell phone, where they can be used as wallpapers, backgrounds, logos or screensavers. It integrates into Internet Explorer, allowing you to send any web image, and you can also select photos from your local hard drive and upload them. Just right-click on an image and select the new `Save Picture to Mobile Phone` option and follow the steps to send the picture. The first time, you are prompted to select your phone model, and then you can edit the picture by cropping, or automatic optimization based on your phone model. The picture can then be downloaded from your WAP phone browser, or a link can be sent to your phone via free SMS message. Pix2Fone supports most popular phone models from manufacturers including Sanyo, Ericson, Nokia, Motorola and many others. The program works extremely well.

Pix2Fone is a free service that lets you make custom cell phone wallpapers, backgrounds and logos in a snap. You can use it online or download as a browser add-on for MS Internet Explorer or Mozilla Firefox. The browser extension adds "Save Picture to Mobile Phone" and "Upload File to Mobile Phone" options right to your browser.

Bored with trashy pics that come pre-installed with your new phone? Not ready to cough up up to $5.00 for cell phone wallpapers elsewhere? Want to use your friends' photos as picture caller IDs, but don't have expensive PC-to-phone cables and adapters? Pix2Fone to the rescue: Save any photo from internet or computer to your cell phone.

No registration of any kind is required.

License   Freeware
Windows   98/ME/2000/XP/2003/Vista
Requirements   None
Note: Requires an internet enabled cell phone.


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