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The Freelanthropy Website: Raise money for your charity just by searching the Internet!

FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions

1. How can my organization earn money through Freelanthropy?
It is easy.  People simply search the Internet like they normally do and money is generated for your cause. Freelanthropy's web search is powered by Yahoo! so you get the same great experience you know and trust. 50% of Freelanthropy's gross revenues (not a "portion of proceeds" or even 50% of profit, but 50% of all money earned goes back out to nonprofits). Simply tell your organization's employees, volunteers, supporters and friends to search through and your organization will earn money. It really is that simple. If your organization has also applied for a custom Toolbar from Freelanthropy, tell these same supporters to install it and use it every day to help raise money and stay connected with their favorite cause. The more people searching through or using your custom Toolbar, the more your organization will earn. Read on to learn more about Freelanthropy's free Toolbar program.

2. I represent a non-profit organization, how can I get a custom toolbar for my organization?
Simply fill out the brief application. In most cases your application will be approved and Freelanthropy will create your custom toolbar and set up your account. In some cases additional information will be required. In either case you will get a response in just a day or two.

3. What are the benefits of a partnership with Freelanthropy?
The toolbar is a great source of fundraising, but a charity partner is also able to increase exposure for their brand, and its message through a consistent presence as part of their supporter’s Internet browsers. The toolbar offers the ability to communicate with supporters quickly and easily at no cost through the news ticker. As Ben Franklin said, a penny saved is a penny earned, so every dollar a nonprofit organization does NOT have to spend on branding, communicating and asking for donations is a dollar that can go toward its core mission.

4. Will this program be expensive or time consuming?
The Freelanthropy program was designed with realities of running a non-profit organization in mind. There is no cost to participate, no forms to pass out, and no pledges to track down. You simply need to add links and messages to things you’re already doing like your website, emails or offline newsletters.

5. I’m not with a non-profit organization, how can I support a cause that I care about?
You can simply select your favorite cause and do all your web searching from It’s powered by Yahoo! Search, so you don’t need to make any compromises. Set this as your home page to remind yourself to support your cause every time you search for something online.  You can also install the Freelanthropy Toolbar and select your cause from the “I support…” link on the left side of the toolbar.

6. What does it cost?
Nothing. Never.  It is absolutely free.  There is no charge either for participating organizations or for the end users participating in the program.

7. Where do the search results come from?
Yahoo! Freelanthropy has a long term partnership with Yahoo! and delivers the exact same search experience you get from

8. What is the “Shop & Give” program?
The toolbar’s Shop & Give button provides direct access to hundreds of premier online merchants and services. When you make a purchase through the Shop & Give button donation revenue is generated for the designated cause.

9. What is a “custom news ticker?”
The custom toolbar provided to non-profits that sign up for our program includes a real-time news ticker that scrolls through the toolbar. It’s a great way to deliver announcements, reminders and inspirational messages to your supporters.

10. Who updates the news ticker and the customized messages?
The nonprofit partner organizations manage and publish their own messages using Freelanthropy’s simple news management tool (about as simple as setting up a calendar appointment). They can also include any available RSS feed that they’d like.
The ticker is a great way to mobilize members for an upcoming event, fundraising campaign, etc., or simply to publish an inspirational message.

11. Where does the money come from?
Search engines like Yahoo! make money from companies that pay an advertising fee when users click on links during a search.  Freelanthropy also has an extensive list of shopping partners from which it earns commissions. Freelanthropy takes half of the money it earns as a result of your search and shopping activity and sends it to your organization.

12. Must I make a purchase to raise funds for the nonprofit partner?
No. Simply doing web-searches through the toolbar will generate money for the organization. That money is generated from Yahoo’s “pay per click” advertising model whereby advertisers pay to generate traffic to their sites. It is very important that the service be used honestly and ethically to prevent an organization from being kicked out. Users should only do searches and clicks as they normally would in the course of their daily online activities. Searching or clicking because you think it will provide more help will actually do just the opposite as it will cause your charity to be removed from the program. The nonprofit logo on the toolbar also provides an easy link to the nonprofit organization’s website, where donation information is typically found – this is another way the toolbar makes it easier to support a specific cause.

13. What percentage of revenue goes to the charities and non-profits?
50 percent of revenues are given to the designated charity or non-profit organization.

14. What exactly is a customized charitable toolbar?
Freelanthropy’s development team makes a search toolbar that integrates with the web browser and it is unique to your organization.  The toolbar will include your logo providing a persistent reminder to your supporters to do their searches through the toolbar and stay connected with your cause.  Your toolbar also includes a customized “news ticker” to notify your constituents of events and important dates happening within your organization.  You can also use the ticker to deliver tips or inspirational messages and it can be updated as often as you like.    Your toolbar will also have customized links to key areas of your website to further help your supporters stay in touch and make it easy for them to donate money or volunteer. The charity partner toolbar is currently available only for Microsoft Internet Explorer. A Firefox version will be available soon. Everyone can also do their searches directly from to support their favorite cause without needing the toolbar.

You may make this donation: Frequently.
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