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Free Internet Window Washer is a free internet tracks eraser and privacy cleaner software

Save $30 on "Window Washer"!

  Free Internet Window Washer 3.1

Platform: Windows 9x/Me/NT/2000/XP/2003/Vista/7/8

Free Internet Window Washer is a free internet tracks eraser and privacy cleaner software. As you work on your computer and browse the Internet, you leave behind traces of your activity. The Windows built-in functions will not protect you, most of the tracks can not be erased with them. Therefore, anyone else can see what you have been doing on your computer. Furthermore, much of your activity information takes up valuable disk space, and recovering this space can be very beneficial.

With a simple click Free Internet Window Washer securely erase your internet tracks, computer activities and programs history information stored in many hidden files on your computer. It also provides you option to clean the data from your PC more securely so that they could not be recovered.

Free Internet Window Washer allows you to erase Window's temp folders, run history, search history, open/save history, recent documents, your browser's cache, cookies, history, visited URLs, typed URLs, auto complete memory, index.dat files, and much more. You can also easily erase the tracks of up to 100 popular applications.

     Key Features

    Erase Internet Explorer Cache Files
    Erase Internet Explorer Browser History
    Erase Internet Explorer Cookies
    Erase Internet Explorer Typed URLs History
    Erase Internet Explorer Index.dat Files
    Erase Internet Explorer AutoComplete Memory
    Erase Windows Recent Documents History
    Erase Windows Start Menu Run/Find History
    Erase Windows Recycle Bin
    Erase Windows Temporary Files Directory
    Erase Windows open/save history
    Erase Windows MediaPlayer / RealOne Player history
    Erase Microsoft Office history
    Clear Google search history, Google toolbar history
    Clear Yahoo search history, Yahoo toolbar history
    Clear MSN search and toolbar history
    Cookies manager to select which cookies to keep
    Test mode before washing supports
    Support Mozilla Firefox, Netscape, Opera
    Support up to 100 popular applications
    Customize what files and registry entries you want to erase
    Schedule erasing to wash your system at any time
    Boss key to hide all browser windows in one quick keystroke
    Free space on your Hard Drive
    Speed up your computer
    100% Spyware FREE, NOT contain any Spyware, Adware or Viruses.
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