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Lancelot is a PVR/Home Automation project for Windows. Under Development.

Lancelot is a PVR/Home Automation project. Useful for environmental control. The end goal is a full blown central for controlling virtually anything in your home, eg. lights, heat, televisions, amplifiers, burglar alarms, etc. Lancelot will be controlable via several differenct user interfaces, such as graphical, voice command, or remote (PDA). Since this is a pretty ambitious project it will be highly modulated and will be divided into three basic tiers:

The functionallity tier, which is made up of main and sub functionallity modules, like a tuner module and a video/audio library.

The manager tier, which is made up of an API layer and the module manager. The API handles the communication between the Control Center and its clients and the module manager, as the name states, manages modules. That is loading the modules at run-time, initialising modules, etc.

The top tier consists of the client modules, which communicates with the Control Center through the API. 

Features include:

    * TV/Radio tuner with OSD
    * PVR with timeshift
    * Tele Text with searchable database
    * Searchable movie database
    * Searchable music database
    * Split screen (TV/Tele Text/Moive database/Music database/...)
    * X10 control of lights, heat, etc.

Lancelot will be developed for the Windows platform and will use technologies like:

    * DirectShow
    * Direct3D
    * Win32/MFC
    * MS Speech
    * TCP/IP
    * DivX
    * MPEG
    * X10
    * PocketPC

The Control Center will be developed in C++ as will the voice command UI. The choice of programming language is more free for the other UIs.

The name Lancelot means servant.

What are the minimum system requirements?

Windows 2000/XP
DirectX 9.0
Sound Card
TV Tuner card with WDM drivers for tuner functionallity

Cards tested:
Hauppauge WinTV-Radio
Hauppauge WinTV-PVR-350


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