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JSkat is an implementation of the German card game Skat in Java


You want to play a round of Skat but your buddies don't have time?
You want to improve your playing skills without losing money?
You want to learn how to play Ramsch smarter than the others?

Then JSkat is the right choice for you!

JSkat is a free implementation of the German card game Skat in JavaTM. You can play it on nearly every platform that runs a modern Java Runtime Environment. Until now we only know that it runs on Windows and Linux with the JRE from Sun, but we like to hear from you, if it's playable on other platforms, too.
Who is behind it

JSkat is written by Jan Schäfer and Markus J. Luzius. It's a non profit project that steals a lot of our spare time. ;o) Our goal is to develop a free computer Skat game that can play either according to the official rules or with a customized special ruleset that is often played in the pubs.

JSkat is copyrighted under the General Public License (GPL) 2.0.


The following features are implemented or will be implemented in future versions of JSkat:
Skat rules

    * Playing according to the official rules of the International Skat Players Association (ISPA-World)
    * Play suit, grand and null games.
    * Games are passed in if no player bids.
    * Playing pub rules like Kontra, Ramsch and Bock (planned)
    * Calculation of wins and losses after each game

AI Skat player (planned)

For the time being, there are three AI Skat players available for JSkat:

    * AIPlayerMJL
      A player with careful bidding, a basic opponent intelligence and currently no single player AI.
    * AIPlayerJS
      A player that doesn't do bidding very well and that's why it's losing most of the time.
    * AIPlayerRND
      A random player only for testing and driving the other players nuts. ;o)

We'll release an interface definition that will allow you to create and integrate your own AI player into JSkat. (planned)
Cheat/Debug mode

    * Look into the cards of the other skat players.
    * Go through all tricks that were played.
    * Watch three AI players against themselves.

Other features

    * Saving data in XML (planned)
    * Multilanguage support
      Currently we support German and English. If you want to contribute a translation, please contact us.


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