Author Topic: Countdown Timer 2 Versions available: Java OR Javascript for ANY Computer System  (Read 2651 times)

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Countdown Timer with 2 Versions available: Java OR Javascript for ANY Computer System

Countdown Timers:  These are Java Applications and Will Run on ANY Java or Javascript capable System. Still Working as of 2020!

I just Downloaded the Java .JAR package and it JUST Worked!  Cool Toy!

Countdown Timers are two programs that provide simple countdown functionality for the intended purpose of demonstration, For example, during a computer-based presentation break. This project offers two programs: one written in Java, one written in Javascript. Both were programmed to the same specifications.

You can Save preconfigured Countdown Timers for various Jobs!!! Many Settings are configurable to make Unique Timers for Different Uses. It can even randomly change the Colors on the Countdown screen - and that is configurable also!!!

Hey! They make GREAT 'Egg Timers' too!
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